Streamlined and Simple: Let’s Get Organized

Streamlined & Simple was created by Jessie Ansley and Jen Fogle, both wives and mothers, who shared a passion for finding ways to make everyday life more organized. The business was born when they realized that the products they had created by hand and successfully used for years could be turned into a small business. They design functional stationery. Their collection of paper goods is functional and simplistic in design.



Meet the women behind the scenes!

Jessie and Jen met in 2007. Flash forward ten years and they are now both married with two children. Over their decade of friendship, they had both transitioned from full-time working women to stay-at-home moms. Needless to say, there were a lot of adjustments.

The friends talked a lot about the systems and routines that were working well for them at home. Jen was giving Jessie advice on creating really effective budgets and how to get out of debt quicker. Jessie was giving Jen advice on how to meal plan and to easily create habits for her kids.

Both ladies shared ideas and tips on how to structure their days. This allowed them to more easily manage their homes (chores, finances, scheduling etc) while making sure there was plenty of time for their families. They were also careful to carve out time for themselves – to workout, to enjoy a cup of coffee or to read a good book.

Streamlined & Simple was born when they realized that the products they had created by hand and successfully used for years could be turned into a small business.

Their goal is to provide simple solutions to make everyday life more organized.


Jessie’s skill set lies in simplicity and efficiency. Jessie loves office supply stores and organizing all the things. She focuses her time and energy on productivity and purpose. Jessie enjoys a simple and joyful life with her husband and two sons.





Jen’s skill set lies in finances. To say that she is detail-orientated and well-organized would be an understatement. She is an expert time blocker and quite possibly the best planner out there. Jen enjoys an active and adventurous life with her husband, daughter and son.





Notepad Bundle from $29.00

I love this bundle!! When I went to place an order this had my name all over it. It was a perfect fit for the type of organization I was looking for!

Link to purchase here










Innovative and easy to use with a perforated center line to easily separate the sides. The left side is your Menu for the week. The right side is your Shopping List.

They offer both a blank click  here to purchase

And a detailed version click here to purchase

Their Detailed Meal Planners allow you to put your grocery items in the proper location to make shopping more efficient. No more zig-zagging around the store!




This is their smallest notepad, but don’t let its size fool you. This little guy can make a BIG impact on your daily life.

Click here to purchase




Their Weekly Notepad is for anyone needing to look at their week at a glance. The left side is for day and time specific events during the course of a week. The right side is for errands and tasks that can be done on any day.

Click here to purchase


Want it all the best deal is just a click away

And they also offer gift cards perfect for the holiday. 2018 is all about getting organized and this is my go to shop for all things planning related! Click here to purchase a gift card


USE CODE: CCC10 for 10% off your order of any notepad bundle until 12/14/17

Be sure to follow them on Instagram here


Head over to our Instagram page to enter to win our Streamlined & Simple Giveaway.

The Giveaway starts today and will end Friday 12/15 at 8 PM EST.

Link here



My Painted Fox Home Sale Favorites

Painted Fox Home is having the best sale ever, and I just had to share it with you. Below are some deals you down want to miss this holiday season (and some on my wish list) that are too good to pass up.  Whether your buying gifts or for yourself (we wont tell) they always free shipping, which makes shopping that much easier. Hurry these deals will go fast.

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A Kirkland’s Christmas

Well I have to say I am so impressed with Kirkland’s lately. They have truly stepped up their game and are bringing some amazing farmhouse items to the table. Here are a few items I picked up on my holiday shopping trip last week. Look for Promo code at end of article to save even more.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for this Christmas Season.


Mercury Glass Candleholders are a must have this season.



Click here to shop this Gold Mercury Glass Votive Holder Set of 12 only $19.99



Click here to shop this Pre-Lit Mercury Glass Hurricane only $14


Christmas florals and centerpieces make your house shine this season.



I am crazy about buffalo plaid and this Pre-Lit Buffalo Check Pine Garland is on point at $37.49.


I have enjoyed incorporating cotton into my decor the year and this is such a gorgeous table statement.



Rustic Cotton and Berry Crate Centerpiece is only $41.24


I couldn’t resist myself when it came to this wooden sign. Simple but such a statement piece.



Merry Christmas Framed Wall Plaque is only $39.99

Perfect for our Farmhouse Christmas Black & White themes.


This Red Merry Christmas Sign gives off all the feels of a vintage Christmas.  There is something classic about the look of this red metal sign.



At only $12.99 its a very affordable addition to your holiday decor.


Well this mat says it all “Come in & Cozy Up” what a perfect way to greet holiday visitors.


And Only $12.99 WHAT!!!!!


Metal Enamel Mugs are so in right now. You know I love my coffee and these mugs are gorgeous for sipping out of or snapping a photo for IG. And the best part they are only $9.99


This year I went with a white, wood, and gold theme for my tree. This White and Gold Faux Fur Tree skirt is perfect for simple but elegant holiday tree theme.


Only $29.99 and it is gorgeous!


Want to know a little secret? This time of year means I can pull out all my favorite blankets and pillows. What is better than this time of year when you get to snuggle on the couch, stare at your tree lights, and sip on some hot cocoa?




Ivory Merry Christmas Bench Pillow $29.00




Red Believe Embroidered Christmas Pillow $24.99




 Comfort & Joy Buffalo Check Pillow $19.99



 Barbara Jean Knit Cream Throw Blanket $39.99


Chunky Knit Blanket only $69.99




Also Did you know they have farmhouse furniture as well? You can ship to your local store for free or order online.

Look at these benches OMG in love!

 This distressed Ivory Pew bench is only $199.00


Distressed Rustic Pine Bench $399.00





Rustic Farmhouse Dressed $499.00





What I love most about Kirkland’s is they are always running some sort of sale. Who doesn’t like to save a few dollars and rationalize all that spending. Right now they are running 20% your entire purchase using code: CYBER20

You can download their Spin To Win app for your phone and get a different discount every day. They also offer a military discount on top of the advertised discount.

Happy Shopping!

Intelligent Blends Coffee Company

We all know how much I love coffee. My mom says I have a special relationship with each and every cup. Well she isn’t wrong so I cannot deny that statement. So when I came across @intelligent_blends on Instagram I just had to reach out and see what they had to offer.

There site states “From our house, to yours.” Well ok then we started off on the right foot there.


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Vintage Book DIY Tutorial


I just love searching for old vintage books, but as a military wife, we are always on the move. I have such a hard time finding access to vintage items. So I decided to get creative and make my own. I have so many people ask me how I make them, so I decided It would be easier just to do a DIY tutorial to share.

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For the Love of Wood Jord Watches Review


So as most of you know we are a family full of wood workers. We spend our weekends in the workshop falling in love with each new piece we design. So when we came across wood watches we fell in love. They paired perfectly with our wood rings and we couldn’t wait to call them our own.



Jord Watches are very natural and come in many different styles and colors. We love this that means there are so many to choose from. We don’t tend to wear much jewelry but once you slip one of these on your wrist you wont want to go another day without it.



My husband got his first Jord Men’s Watch last year at Christmas ( A present for himself ) and he couldn’t stop at just one. It was such a cool watch I had to order my own this Summer and I am equally smitten over it.



I chose the Zebrawood and Maple from the Fieldcrest Series, I loved the contrast of the light and dark woods. These watches are light weight and so comfortable. I am a simple person and this watch fits my personality to a T!



Jord Watches website is very easy to maneuver and ordering is just as easy. The only hard part is picking just one. Once you can get over that dilemma its easy to print off a wrist sizing chart so you can include that in your order. They not only have free shipping they are super fast in terms of delivery. I had the watch within just a few days of ordering.



It arrived in this amazing wood box complete with a cleaning cloth and its own finishing oil formulated to help me care and condition my watch.



Jord Watches is holding a contest for my friends where you can enter  to win a $100.00 credit to go towards your own JORD wood watch! Also everyone who enters will receive a $25 credit code just for entering.

Click here to enter to win

Giveaway Ends on 09/10/2017 so be sure to enter!



I really love my watch from Jord Watches it is such a unique watch and can’t wait to order more. These make perfect gifts for anyone in your life who appreciates wood or to bring a little style to any outfit. I also love that you can have them engraved just adds a little extra touch to a gift for that special someone in your life. Who doesn’t like an engraved gift? I know I do it something that can last a lifetime.



Be Sure to Follow Jord Watches on all their social media platforms.

Instagram at @jordwatches

Facebook at JordWoodWatches

Twitter at @woodwatches_com

Pinterest at Jord Wood Watches


<a id=”woodwatches_com_widget_article”  ishidden=”1″  title=”Luxury Wooden Watch”>Luxury Wooden Watch</a>
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#IGfriendsthatinspireus Julia @olivewooddesigns

We are so honored to have Julia from @olivewooddesigns be our featured guest for #IGfriendsthatinspire us for this week. Julia creates the most amazing signs and other wood decor. Her feed is full of encouragement, happiness, and a feeling of joy. Keep amazing us Julia, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next.



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Our Story

A little about me….My life is chaotic and full of crafting and lots and lots of coffee. I look forward to my only quiet time which is spent with my morning cup of coffee. Once the chaos of the morning routine is done, and the kids and husband are not their way my day begins. Creating is just something I was born to do. I wake up every day with so new ideas in my head, that I have to bring to life. crafts, diy, mommy blog, blogI am always learning new techniques, new crafts, and , failing as I embrace my creativity.

My motto “Life is better with a little bit of paint on everything you own.”

Let me shed some light on the “Chaos” part of my life. It all started one day when I fell in love with a soldier. I married a military man and I am a mom to three boys…enough said.

Life is funny, things don’t ever seem to go according to our “plans.” Which is ok, because in our family “plans” are for much more organized people. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 it shook me to my core. Everything changed. I was no longer invincible. Each day, each moment meant so much more. I was not ready to leave my husband, or my children. I have always worked, since I was 14 selling newspapers. So when I was dealing with one surgery after the next, all the different doctors and medication, I found a way to channel through making signs. Well that is what brought me to where I am today.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration and I have yet to work one day in health care. Its just not who I am anymore or who I want to be. I want to own a little farm, a store, and grow old with my family and friends. I am simple, I want a simple life, love and be loved. Nothing else really matter in the big scheme of  things. I want to teach my children right from wrong, how to get their hands dirty, and work for what you want. I treasure every day that I get to spend with them and all those things that once seemed so important just faded into the background. You only get one life so live it….let me tell you a little about our chaos.

Our life is chaos, we are always working and creating new items. My husband has been active duty military for 18+ years. We have moved 6 times in 10 years and each time we have to set up “shop” in a new state and start over. Make new friends  and make our house a home even if it’s just for a little while.

This blog is very important to me. I love to write and I love to share my experiences and my discoveries with other people.  I have fun chatting about my daily experiences (we have some ridiculous ones) and I love to teach people how to create something of their very own.

My days are filled with painting, projects, marketing, and lots and lots of coffee.

I don’t own one piece of clothing that does not have paint or stains on it. I would love to say I spent hours on my hair and makeup each day…but I can say at least I shower every day. I am a mom and I am lucky if I don’t have paint in my hair or gum for that matter.

Crafting is my passion, I can’t  walk through Michaels or Hobby Lobby without millions of ideas running through my head. I am one of those people who can take a lamp or picture and design a whole room around that one object. The ideas are just rolling around like a marble in a jar.

Sometimes I wish I could turn off my creativity because it is almost like a craving you can’t suffice most days. One craft project leads to ten more and the ideas just keep spinning off one another. So as you can imagine most of my days are spent in my craft room. So why not start a blog and share my in and outs with other DIY enthusiasts.

mom, wife, blog, craftsThe Struggle is Real. I find myself most days trying to show the mail lady, UPS guy, or my neighbors what I have created for the day. My bubble is small and most days I am so excited to share with my creations with anyone who wants to see them. So now we have an outlet.

My very own blog where I can post tutorials, pictures, and step-by-step directions on how to do specific craft projects. Oh but wait, now I will have to put make up on and do my hair…..where will I find them time????